The rehabilitation center for wild animals at the Mata Ciilar Association is acting for more than 22 years at the city of Jundiaí, São Paulo, and gets over 10 animals per day, from more than 60 municipalities from the state, victims of trampling, electrocution, trafficking, forest fires, hunting and habitat loss. These animals must have veterinary treatment, untill they get recovered and may start the rehabilitation process, in wich they get multiple kinds of stimuation and training, so they can go back to nature. during this whole process, the biggest costs consists on feeding them. It must be a correct nutrition, for each species, and for it, we need to buy more than 1.5 Ton of fruits and vegetables, 3 tons of meat for the carnivorous. Such a high cost, that has accumulated through the last years, because of the icreasement of the number of animals we receive each day at the rehabilitation center. The Mata Ciliar believes that, with the comprehension of society about the importance of giving this animals back to their habitats, we’ll be able to move people, so we can persist on our mission.

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